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Welcome to Liberia Education Project, Inc.

Liberia Education Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that believes education is the key to unlock the potentials of our young people, which are in short supply in Liberia; especially, for those disadvantaged young boys and girls in the towns and villages of rural Liberia who have no hope of ever stepping foot into a classroom. Therefore, as Christians we organize ourselves to establish and provide quality and affordable education to needy children and adults in Liberia.

We will seek to work in partnership with other individuals and organizations to provide the life changing KEY (Education) to the needy and forgotten children in the villages and street corners of Liberia. The Liberia Education Project will seek support and funding to accomplish the following goals:

  • School construction and renovation.

  • Providing educational materials/supplies to needy schools and students.

  • Seek funding for scholarship opportunities for deserving students and teachers.

  • Conducting adult literacy programs.

  • Conducting teacher training programs.

  • Community health education.

  • Conducting vocational training.

  • Providing safe drinking water for schools and communities.
School Construction and Renovation
Vocational Training - Agriculture Program
LEP Health Program
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